"DISCIPLINE: Doing what you need to do now so you can grow stronger."


Community Version of the Happy Dance

Check out your friends from around the area getting their boogie on to the Happy song by Pharrell Williams. Which dance moves give you the most JOY??   Do a HAPPY dance for JOY!


Nuggets of Wisdom

          Richmond High School students are sharing the best advice they have ever gotten and finding hidden rubber chickens this month in our #nuggetsofwisdom campaign. Follow the Movement at @rhsmovement on Instagram or Twitter to follow along!    


Who doesn’t love a certificate?!?

This month in HONOR of HONOR, find someone you can HONOR, and then HONOR them! Seriously, who doesn’t love getting a certificate? Find someone you live with, work with, or just hang out with and give them a certificate this month. Tell them they are valuable to you, and then tell us! Who do you [...]


Courage at Richmond High School

Students at Richmond High School share times they showed courage in the past or reasons they need courage now. COURAGE: Being brave enough to do what you should do even when you’re afraid.


Obedience Activity: Dominance Hierarchy

Humans and horses have lived and worked together for more than four thousand years. Horses have been used for transportation, agriculture, hunting, warfare and recreation. And yet, the horse remains just a couple of hoof beats away from its wild nature. How does a 150-pound person control a 1200-pound horse, still programmed to run at [...]